Lauren Duprey 
for wellesley
school committee

Ann Carter Jameson, Sagamore Road

To Wellesley Voters –


Please consider electing Lauren Duprey for School Committee in our town’s upcoming election.  She brings a skill set, perspective and commitment that would serve all residents well.  While her professional skills are obvious as evidenced by her graduate education and management experience, I have witnessed the development of her formidable character over the twenty years that I have known her. 

Lauren is sincere, kind, hard working, honest, energetic, trustworthy and empathic. She is a committed wife and mother and cares deeply about people and community. The elected officials who serve the best interests of their communities have both head and heart.  Lauren excels in both.  As a life-long resident of Wellesley whose children achieved in Wellesley public schools from Bates kindergarten up through Wellesley High School, and who understands the direct impact of excellent public schools on my property value, I endorse Lauren wholeheartedly and believe she will serve in our collective best interests.   Please join me in voting to elect Lauren Duprey to Wellesley’s  School Committee on March 17.  Thank you all for your thoughtful consideration of her candidacy.  Your vote matters as the next school committee will be facing some extremely important and challenging issues.


Ann Carter Jameson

Sagamore Road


Brendan & Joelle Reidy, Prospect St

Dear Wellesley Residents,

We are pleased to endorse Lauren Duprey to be elected to School Committee in the upcoming election. We can think of no better person to bring a fresh, yet educated perspective to navigate the complexities of town government and represent the best interests of our children.  

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lauren for years and working with her in various capacities.  Lauren worked for me as a highly talented leader in Human Resources and then later as a trusted peer at a leading biotech company.  Over those years I have seen her navigate complex organizational and people situations, always remaining focused on the goal at hand.  Lauren understands how to affect sustainable change by collaborating with people from all different backgrounds and points of view, building relationships for the long term.  Her pragmatic approach to leadership enables her to focus on actionable goals that drive change.  As a peer I have always counted on her for candid counsel and partnership. 

Over the past several years, our community has struggled to come together as one to support our schools. We have seen this both as parents of three children in Wellesley Public Schools and, for my wife Joelle, through various roles on PTO and as a Town Meeting Member. With this view, we are confident that Lauren will use her ample skills from her professional career as well as her constructive leadership style to bring unity and progress to our schools. She is simply the right person for the job. 

Please join us in voting for Lauren on March 17th. 

Brendan and Joelle Reidy

Prospect Street


Martha Rockwood, Chesterton Rd

I am writing in support of Lauren Duprey for Wellesley School Committee. As the Bates school representative to the Superintendent’s Redistricting Committee, one of the complaints that I heard was the lack of notice and communication to the Wellesley preschool families about the redistricting plans. The concern was that the same families who will be impacted most by the redistricting decision were often not even involved in the decision-making process. 

Despite not even being a member of School Committee yet, Lauren worked to spread the word to the many preschools in Wellesley, as well as Wellesley Mothers Forum, about the redistricting hearings and the ways to share feedback with the Redistricting Committee. It is this awareness about the impact of current school decisions on families with young children, as well as a desire to bring everyone into the conversation, that I believe will make Lauren an excellent addition to the Wellesley School Committee.

As a parent of kindergartners and a preschooler, I have watched the current School Committee and HHU process with interest. After many months, and despite many, many meetings, it seems to me that the HHU process has left many residents of Wellesley feeling that their voice and opinions have not been heard or acknowledged. That is why I think it is so important to have Lauren join School Committee because she has already shown that she will work to bring everyone’s voice into the conversation to ensure that the entire Wellesley community feels valued and invested in the future of our schools.

If you are also interested in electing a School Committee that brings the town together for now and the future, please join me in voting for Lauren Duprey on March 17th.

Martha Rockwood

Chesterton Rd


John & Lauren Voith, Wall St

We are writing to share our strong support for Lauren Duprey and encourage you to vote for her as our next Wellesley School Committee Member. 

My wife and I are parents of two young children and live in the Sprague neighborhood. We have known Lauren for more than 15 years and consider her a dear friend. We’ve had the privilege of getting to know Lauren and experiencing her in a variety of settings. 

I attended Harvard with Lauren and from there developed a friendship that translated into engaging professionally where she has acted as an advisor and advocate for my company which seeks to deliver important healthcare services to potentially underserved populations. Through the years I have been blown away by Lauren’s work ethic.  She is able to balance many things while simultaneously making you feel like you are the only thing she has going on. I have no doubt that she’ll bring this same energy to the complex and important work of School Committee and for that I am grateful.

My wife worked with Lauren for years and got to know her, and her reputation, very well. For a while their offices were just a few doors from each other! Lauren was a trusted and respected HR leader for their team. People at all levels would seek Lauren out to discuss challenges – ranging from strategic business issues to highly personal topics. She handled each with empathy, creative problem solving and care. One instance that stands out is when Lauren advocated for services to support new mothers when they needed to travel from their infants. This wasn’t in the scope of her job per se, she simply wanted to help.

If elected, Lauren would be the only School Committee member with preschool and elementary aged kids. This is important. The best committees reflect the communities they serve, and the School Committee should strive for this as well. Lauren offers an important and complementary perspective that we believe will enable the School Committee to best achieve its important goals. Please join us in voting for Lauren on March 17th.  

John & Lauren Voith

Wall St


Lisa Fico, Mayo Rd

As a Wellesley resident of 20 years, a TMM and Wellesley Middle School PTO Co-President, I want to ensure we have the right team of individuals on our School Committee. We have an opportunity to bring in an outstanding new School Committee member by electing Lauren Duprey. 

My husband and I were impressed by Lauren from the moment we met her. Given my work with individuals with disabilities, Lauren’s involvement with Best Buddies International for over 20 years (including as President of the Harvard chapter) is something we immediately bonded over. 

She’s a remarkable person with a unique blend of people skills, sharp intellect and common sense. She is compassionate about the concerns she is hearing from residents of all ages and neighborhoods. I’ve seen firsthand how quickly Lauren connects with people and she’s not afraid to reach out to those she doesn’t know—people of different backgrounds, generations and most importantly, points of view. As I’ve heard her say, she likes to “lean in and learn” from differences rather than avoid or react with frustration. She comes out of each conversation with new ideas, energetic to find solutions that work for everyone. She draws on her experience in human resources and business to address both the people and the financial aspects of issues.

In addition to her compassion and competence – she is a young mom whose kids will be in the middle of various building projects coming to our school system. This is a unique perspective I believe we would benefit from on School Committee. In the past, we have had School Committee members that vary from newly graduated college students to retired superintendents, all bringing something different and valuable to the table. It is now time for us to vote in a young parent who can build bridges and represent those who will be greatly affected over the next few years. 

Please join me in voting for Lauren Duprey on March 17th.

Lisa Fico

Mayo Road